Chemical Threat Countermeasures Research Opportunity

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
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How to Apply

Components of the online application are as follows:

  • Profile Information

  • Educational and Employment History

  • Essay Questions (goals, experiences, and skills relevant to the opportunity)

  • Resume (PDF)

  • Transcripts/Academic Records

  • References

Submitted documents must have all social security numbers, student identification numbers, and/or dates of birth removed (blanked out, blackened out, made illegible, etc.) prior to uploading into the application system.

If you have questions, send an email to ARMY-MRMC@ORISE.ORAU.GOV. Please list the reference code of this opportunity in the subject line of the email.

All documents must be in English or include an official English translation.


The Research Participation Program for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) provides opportunities to participate in USAMRICD on-going applied research and development projects. USAMRICD is the Department of Defense’s lead laboratory for the execution of medical chemical defense research. As a subordinate element of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC), the institute conducts research involving the development, testing, and evaluation of medical counter-measures to the effects of various chemical threat agents. Project areas include chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, neuroscience, toxicology, and immunology.

One ORISE research appointment is available within the Molecular Toxicology Team at USAMRICD. The ORISE participant will join a dynamic laboratory team dedicated to identifying medical countermeasures for treatment of exposure to the toxic industrial chemical phosphine. The participant will be involved in an NIH-funded project to establish a pediatric rodent model of phosphine exposure with the goal of developing therapeutics to reduce lethality. The ORISE participant will learn aspects of inhalation toxicology, animal handling, pathological evaluation, clinical blood chemistry, mitochondrial isolation and functional assays, transcriptomics using microarray technology, experimental design and troubleshooting, and data analysis. Opportunities to attend and present at scientific meetings will be provided.

Appointment Length

This is a twelve month research appointment, there may be an optioned to be renewed additional research terms.

Participant Benefits

Participants will receive a stipend to be determined by USAMRICD. Stipends are typically based on the participant’s academic standing, discipline, experience, and research facility location.  Other benefits may include the following:

  • Health Insurance Supplement. Participants are eligible to purchase health insurance through ORISE.

  • Relocation Allowance

  • Training and Travel Allowance

Nature of Appointment

The participant will not enter into an employee/employer relationship with ORISE, ORAU, DOD, or any other office or agency.  Instead, the participant will be affiliated with ORISE for the administration of the appointment through the ORISE appointment letter and Terms of Appointment.


A bachelor's degree in biology, biochemistry, or related life science is required

Willingness to learn animal handling techniques is required

Eligibility Requirements
  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen Only
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree received within the last 60 months or currently pursuing.
  • Overall GPA: 3.00
  • Discipline(s):
    • Life Health and Medical Sciences (47 )