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Welcome to Zintellect! Through this site, you will be able to access information for hundreds of opportunities and the corresponding applications offered through ORAU.

Applicants complete a general profile with common questions among all programs. Once the profile is complete, applicants may apply to specific opportunities available in the system by answering a few questions specific to a particular program. Applicants are able to customize their references, resumes, and responses based on each opportunity to which they apply.

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Find your new opportunity here! Search by keyword, academic level, discipline, or organization. Click on a opportunity to view the details. Ready to apply? Register to create a new account or login if you already have an account.


From this site, mentors can search for and view details for opportunities to which they have been assigned or for opportunities open to anyone within their agency/department, review applications submitted for those opportunities, and recommend candidates.

Contact us at Zintellect@orau.org with questions or to learn how to do business with ORAU.

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